Meet Jean Johnson - Author of Rynnie Roo's Adventures

Meet Jean Johnson - Author of Rynnie Roo's Adventures
Author Spotlight: Jean Johnson

Today we get to learn a bit more about the author behind the book "Rynnie Roo's Adventures" - Jean Johnson!

Jean is a passionate children's book author who truly understands the power of community and collaboration in the writing world. In her own words, "The author community is a fantastic tool for authors. You can learn so much from each other and build each other up! It's wonderful."


While the writing process can be incredibly rewarding, Jean admits to having a pet peeve that many authors can relate to – rewrites! As she humorously shares, "No matter how many edits your book goes through, one or two mistakes make it through. I once submitted a rough draft for publication, not realizing until after I pushed the publish button."

When it comes to collaborating with fellow authors and illustrators, Jean's favorite approach is through video clips. In fact, she started the "90 Sec Author Interviews" to help the indie author community connect and have fun while supporting one another.

Speaking of video clips, I did a read aloud of one of her amazing books!

Looking ahead, Jean has exciting goals for her "Rynnie Roo's Adventures" series. She shares, "I have three states (my books go by states) to finish this year. I have one written, and I am currently working on the other two."

One tool that Jean finds indispensable in her writing journey is Canva. "It's a fantastic tool, and I use it almost every day," she exclaims. "I also outline my books in Canva too!"

When it comes to her greatest strength as an author, Jean considers herself a natural promoter. "I enjoy doing YouTube and videos, and social media is tricky, but it has its usefulness. As long as you don't lose track of the goals," she advises.

However, Jean also candidly acknowledges her biggest challenge – live TV appearances. "It's terrifying," she admits. "I just stomp down my fears and go for it. Even if I feel scared, I focus on what needs to be accomplished and jump right in. I can puke later."

Even though she may be nervous on camera, she was amazing on Reading with Rella B! Check out her podcast episode coming out soon!

Despite the challenges, Jean finds immense joy in connecting with her inner child through her writing. "I'm a big kid," she says. "My books allow me to go on adventures and explore through the eyes of a child. It's a wonderful feeling to know each child who reads a 'Rynnie Roo Adventure' book learns something educational."

Jean's passion for her craft and her commitment to creating engaging, educational content for young readers is truly inspiring. We can't wait to see what adventures await in the upcoming "Rynnie Roo's Adventures" books!

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