If Shapes Could Eat will be Brought to BackerKit Early September '24

If Shapes Could Eat will be Brought to BackerKit Early September '24

I am thrilled to announce that "If Shapes Could Eat" has been selected to join Booktopia by BackerKit! This exciting event brings together a diverse group of creators to launch their book projects collectively, fostering a sense of community and collaboration that is truly inspiring.

Growing up in a family with a variety of dietary preferences and needs, I wanted to create a story that celebrates dietary diversity and teaches children that our differences are what make us unique and wonderful. "If Shapes Could Eat" introduces young readers to the colorful world of Riley the rhombus and her friends as they explore a block party filled with diverse foods. Through playful rhymes and engaging illustrations, this book encourages children to understand and celebrate our different likes and needs.

Why Booktopia is a Game Changer

Being part of Booktopia is an incredible opportunity to bring this book to life alongside many other talented creators. Booktopia is a collaborative crowdfunding event where solo projects launch as a group, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support. This event not only makes the crowdfunding process more fun and exciting but also introduces backers to a wider array of creators and projects they might not have discovered otherwise​ (BackerKit)​​ (BackerKit)​.

Exciting Rewards and Community Support

As part of the campaign, I'm offering a special Shapes Cookbook for kids as a reward. This cookbook is filled with fun and easy-to-make recipes that align with the diverse dietary preferences featured in the book. It's a fantastic way to bring the story to life and encourage children to explore new foods and the joy of cooking.

Additionally, there is a special donation tier in our campaign. For every backer who selects this tier, a copy of "If Shapes Could Eat" will be donated to local food banks and nonprofit organizations such as Three Square, The Just One Project, and Helping Hands of Vegas Valley. These organizations play a crucial role in providing access to nutritious meals and resources to families in need across Las Vegas. By supporting this tier, you're helping to spread the joy of reading and healthy eating habits to children facing food insecurity​ (Three Square)​​ (The Just One Project)​.

I am incredibly excited about this journey and grateful for the opportunity to share "If Shapes Could Eat" with a broader audience. Thank you for your support and for joining me in making a difference through storytelling and community involvement. Together, we can celebrate our differences and inspire children to embrace the beauty of diversity.

Stay tuned for more updates, and I look forward to seeing you at Booktopia!

For more details about Booktopia and how you can support our campaign, visit BackerKit Booktopia

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